This community’s purpose is
to encourage creativity

in the financial industry, to create an environment where ideas are seeded and brought to ripeness to the benefit of all.

Take for example the payments industry;
the processing of payments has reached a high level of maturity, payments became ubiquitous and a commodity in the financial ecosystem.

FinTP is an open source financial transactions processing application meant to be used as an open platform in a strictly regulated market. By achieving a large footprint within its target market, FinTP will push financial transactions interoperability forward – from the current message syntax standard layer towards semantic interpretation.

The rules governing this community are meant to ensure the FinTP release is managed to the benefit of all, they are not intended to constrain in any way contributions. We aim to free creativity and brains from reinventing the wheel, as it happens in a closed traditional environment, and allow them to take advantage of the benefits of an open approach.
This community is governed by the following set of principles:
Openness. Full and free access to sources and releases.
Inclusion, rather than exclusion. Everybody is welcome to share and contribute.
“Upstream first” philosophy. The primary goal is to get the upstream project to adopt most of the updates brought by contributors.
Scalability. The product is modular and the development of one feature does not affect the rest of the code.
Freedom of personal choice. Do what you like within the community. No strings attached. Just be responsible.
Tracking, history and versioning. Every contribution is acknowledged, the history of your activity under Github is within your grasp, all versions are managed using the built-in mechanism of Github.
Dynamic decision making structure. We aim to shorten the chain of command and empower people to keep projects as autonomous as possible.
A secure collaborative environment for users and contributors. Heads-up: No, we do not hold sensitive financial data!


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