FinTP®, the FinTP word design, the FinTP design logo, FinTPc®, the FinTPc word design, the FinTPc design logo, FINkers United®, the FINkers United word design, the FINkers United design logo, FinTPc®, the FinTPc word design, the FinTPc design logo, either separately or in combination, are hereinafter referred to as “FinTP Trademarks” and are trademarks of Business Information Systems (Allevo) S.R.L.

Except as provided in these guidelines, you may not use the FinTP Trademarks or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for your product, or use the FinTP Trademarks in any other manner that might cause confusion in the marketplace, including but not limited to in advertising, on auction sites, or on software or hardware. Allevo protects the FinTP Trademarks on behalf of the entire FinTP community (FINkers United). Indeed, the law obliges trademark owners to police their marks and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties. As the trademark owner, Allevo will use the FinTP Trademarks under the same guidelines as the rest of the community.

Usage guidelines:
| When using the FinTP Trademarks you must provide the proper trademark symbols and a trademark attribution statement. Example: Use FinTP® for the first instance of the trademark, and include the statement "FinTP is trademark of Business Information Systems (Allevo) S.R.L."
| Always use proper trademark form and spelling: never pluralize a trademark, never use a trademark as a verb (trademarks are products or services, never actions), never use trademarks to coin new words or names, never alter a trademark in any way including through unapproved fonts or visual identifiers, never abbreviate or use any FinTP Trademarks as an acronym.
| Never use or register any trademarks that are confusingly similar to, or a play on, the FinTP Trademarks wording.
| Never combine your company name with the FinTP name or use the FinTP name in a way that it could be perceived that Allevo or the FinTP Project and your company have an organizational link such as a joint venture.
| Never use the FinTP Trademarks in a disparaging manner or in a manner that infringes Allevo trademark rights or violates any state or international law.
| Never use terminology that states or implies that the FinTP Project assumes any responsibility for the performance of your products and services.
| The FinTP design logo, the FinTPc design logo, the FinTPc design logo and the FINkers United design logo must be hyperlinked to (, in contexts where such a hyperlink is technically feasible.

NO TRADEMARKS. Customer agrees to remove all Allevo Trademarks from the SOFTWARE (i) before it propagates or conveys the SOFTWARE or makes it otherwise available to third parties and (ii) as soon as the SOFTWARE has been changed in any respect whatsoever.

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