Automated Testing

Release name: Automated Testing

Repository (Github):

Date: 13 Mar 2020

Version: 1.5.x

Published by:


Part of our EU-funded corporate treasury project, meet our FinTPc automated testing tool! Why this need for automation? Because it is more reliable and way quicker than manual tests, hence we all get faster feedback and benefit from improved quality.

The automated testing tool is an open-source functional extension of FinTPc designed to make the testing process more objective. Its main purpose is to assist and help people involved in the testing and validation process, providing fast and complete checks of FinTPc:

–        after the initial installation in the customer’s environment;

–        after configuration changes;

–        after the installation of major releases or patches, also known as regression testing;

–        after extending the product with new features.

It is built as a collection of modules that can be used on their own to test certain business or technical functionalities. The automated testing is performed:

–        in different deployment architectures;

–        for different versions of prerequisites;

–        for different technical interfaces with other applications;

–        for custom configurations.



FinTPc Automated Testing – SRS

FinTPc Automated Testing – Architecture

TypeFile NameMD5 HashDate ModifiedSize

EventsWatcher 1228d2672624aa49efd2e548dbe5577b11:20 am 02/19/20191.9M

FinTPDBConnector Aadb8fa863a3835bf0e881a3f1754bbc11:20 am 02/19/20197.2M

FinTPNODBConnector 9f397328fb4d7bb5be766e91291c4df411:20 am 02/19/20195.5M

RoutingEngine 626a01a92e9f76bbcc931bdac5dc8c0f11:20 am 02/19/201910M

FintpWebServices 1 0 SNAPSHOT 9c080ce44d89b1f8d6905ee7b16cc07a11:20 am 02/19/201920.5M

LibAchBlkAccPayload 7d5a9934d34710097b4fc5501edd225611:20 am 02/19/2019717.4k

LibAchBlkRjctPayload 6e063789072b684c4a0fc8c5d484475511:20 am 02/19/2019673.6k

LibIsoXmlPayload 0abee19c8b4c29a080eca930249dcb6211:20 am 02/19/2019417.1k

LibSepaStsPayload 36d3b9a2df837634c8c78796cffe1c6611:20 am 02/19/2019631.1k

LibSwiftXmlPayload 5036021548f02c0a6d35a5e53326a3b111:20 am 02/19/2019585.6k

Libfintp Base 5c454f53d52e016d32518f677850800d11:20 am 02/19/201916.6M

Libfintp Log 585527b60a47441403184561611e6c5111:20 am 02/19/20192M

Libfintp Transport 9e0e0c0f74e538b135e77e222109863011:20 am 02/19/20191.3M

Libfintp Udal 4af33f9cb140339a90c10665ec183d7111:20 am 02/19/20193.5M

Libfintp Utils 1039babdb2957ffa46326e369c2ec2ea11:20 am 02/19/20191.1M

Libfintp Ws C8c2cb84c8568b82f92a111ff6ca941d11:20 am 02/19/20191M

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