Name: FinTPc-Benchmark

Repository (Github):

Date: 12 September 2019

Version: 1.0

Published by:


TheĀ benchmarking tool is a tool that provides performance reports required by infrastructure architects in corporations.

This tool assists technical teams in investigating performance issues and in validating a combination of deployment architectures (hardware and software) and operational architectures (different flows and configurations).



FinTPc Tracker – Architecture

FinTPc Tracker – SRS

FinTPc Benchmarking tool repository on Github
TypeNameDescriptionLatest commit

initial commit

Sep 5, 2019
fintpc-api @ 3fa03b8

add fintpc-api module

Sep 11, 2019
fintpc-ui @ 9e88a13

add fintpc-ui module

Sep 11, 2019

add fintpc-api module

Sep 11, 2019

Initial commit

Sep 4, 2019


Sep 5, 2019

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