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    The right to use this forum is granted for free on the basis of the present regulations. We reserve our privilege to revoke this right.
    -At the time of registration is deemed to have read these rules and agree 100% with what is written here.
    -Violation of rules presented here lead to sanctions from a warning, to blocked access for a specific period or even banning your account.
    -You assume legal responsibility for your own posts.
    Although we try to monitor postings content, the FinTP Community cannot be held responsible for any rules violated by members of this forum, the more so as the “real time” nature of posts can lead to accidental violation law
    The materials and information taken from other forums and newspapers (or any other media) are owned by them. Any infringement will be removed at the request of the owner if the request is justified and ownership is proven.
    The official language on this forum is English. Please limit other languages to well-known quotes or phrases (or translated) and only when this is consistent with the situation.
    Forum rules:
    1. Personal attacks, offenses of any form, the use of obscene, threatening, abusive or indecent words, inappropriate or offensive behavior, harassment and messages intended to provoke other users against forum members are prohibited. A civilized behavior requires a combat against the ideas expressed not the users who posted them.
    This rule refers to both the forum and the internal messaging system.
    Also, aggressive responses to offensive posts are sanctioned. If you are challenged / offended by a user, use the Report. DO NOT assume the role of vigilante as you will be punished.
    Any post containing licentious, political, ethnic or racial extreme, pornographic, illegal, referring to drug use or unauthorized in any way is completely forbidden. In extreme cases can lead to permanent ban.
    2. Before posting search for the best writing category or topic for your messages to avoid double posting of the same topic or writing your message in the wrong place. Please use the SEARCH function.

    3. Please use an appropriate title when you open a topic. Avoid or incomplete titles like “lol”, “question” or “CAUTION”.
    4. To avoid repeating the arguments, especially for long discussions, we suggest to always read the whole topic before posting a reply.
    5. Please do not respond to off-topics and do not post in topics that probably will be deleted. Posts like “first on this page” or “I wrote in this topic “are prohibited. Please post answers that relate to the topic. If you cannot give a precise answer to the topic is best not to post at all. Discussions between only two users should be held via internal messaging, not the forum.
    6. Do not use colored fonts, or overly large text. Excessive size will be reduced without notice and without explanation.
    7. Check the text before posting. Thus you can ensure that is easy to read and can be understood by other members of the forum. Repeated violations of this rule may result in a warning
    8. No excessive quoting of previous posts. Quote only essential parts.
    9. Creation and use of “clones” (multiple accounts for the same user) is prohibited. Registering and using multiple accounts may result in suspension of all accounts.
    10. Request for HACKS, CRACKS and WAREZ are forbidden. Do not promote software piracy, and do not write posts that contradict copyright laws.
    11. It is forbidden to attach files that contain viruses, trojans, spyware, unlicensed commercial software, cracks or any other illegal or potentially dangerous attachment.
    12. It is prohibited to send unsolicited commercial messages to other members, even if done via PM, sending “junk mail,” “chain letters,” or mass mailing, instant messaging etc.
    13. Posting pictures without comments is accepted as long as they are on topic.
    14. Signatures (text or image) will not exceed a height of 180 pixels or 4 lines of text. Avatars will not exceed 120×120 pixels. Recruitment banners or links in your signature are prohibited. Rules 1 to 10 are valid for signatures, avatars and attachments.
    15. It is forbidden to use a nickname similar to an existing one (can lead to confusion), the name of a company or personal web pages (the penalty is immediate ban). This rule applies to avatars as well.
    18. Posting pictures of other users without their consent is also prohibited..
    19. Account loans between users are strictly prohibited? Those who violate this rule will be banned permanently.
    20. Intellectual property rights (copyright) for the photos attached on the forum belong to the authors. Reproduction (in any medium) without permission is a violation of applicable laws. The FinTP Community assumes no obligation to protect the photos displayed in the forum’s, to compensate authors and or help authors to be compensated for the damage they have suffered.
    21. Do not use materials whose copyrights you do not own.
    22. Quotes posted with “copy / paste”, without personal contribution or without specifying the source / author are forbidden. Messages that contravene this section will be deleted.
    23. All complaints or criticisms about the forum moderators (including sanctions received) will be made only through internal messaging system. Any attempt to open a discussion forum on this topic will be considered violation of the rules and punished with a warning. Allusions of any kind are also prohibited.
    24. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to close accounts even if any of the rules above do not apply.
    25. FinTP Community administration reserves the right to change rules without notice, we recommend that users regularly read this document in order to find any updates.
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