And the winner of the FinTP Idea Constest is...

As you might have seen, we organized at Sibos the first FinTP Idea Contest.
There were interesting ideas submitted in the competition and I just wanted to share with you some of the most appreciated ones:

Send USDs and EURs between banks using the Ripple protocol. Cryptocurrencies!!
Automate payments and B2B platform using FinTP in a local project.
Have a long structured remittance info
Push EBICS to Eastern Europe
Mobile money across global business currencies
Invent a standard
What about a “movable” account number – no matter what bank – and with “names” like websites?

FinTP ideas

There were even things we did not think of, so this contest was a very good idea in itself. But all ideas will be taken in front of the FINkers United board for further consideration. The board will select those fit to be planned for future releases of the FinTP Project.

Out of so many good ideas, one was ranked highest: Push EBICS to Eastern Europe. It belongs to Joachim Berg, EFiS, who now has to figure out how to use the techie watch we gave as an award.

FinTP idea contest winner

Thank you all for participating and congrats to the winner!

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