07 May 2014
FINkers United for Dummies continued
Where were we? Ah, we have clarified some general aspects like what is...
02 April 2014
FINkers United for Dummies
First time I saw a “for Dummies” brochure, I found the expression ...
29 January 2014
FinTP viewed from the inside
Please take 3 minutes to watch this short video where 25 Allevo-ers sh...
28 January 2014
FinTP code launch: checked
Friday, January 24th: we successfully checked another box on the list ...
21 January 2014
The future is open (source)
The period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 marks a t...
17 January 2014
A Bad Plan Is Better Than No Plan
Practice makes you less bad My grandfather taught me how to play chess...

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