23 August 2014
FinTP testimonials – episode 4
FinTP testimonials – episode 4: it’s Matteo Rizzi’s,...
15 August 2014
FinTP testimonials – episode 3
FinTP testimonials – episode 3: Rodica Tuchila, Director Romania...
08 August 2014
FinTP testimonials – episode 2
FinTP testimonials series continues. Time for episode 2. Kosta Peric, ...
04 August 2014
FinTP testimonials – episode 1
Welcome the first in a series of FinTP testimonials. Please listen to ...
01 August 2014
End of support for Windows XP opens the way for open source adoption
In April 2014 Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, and although the...
28 July 2014
Open source security post Heartbleed
Heartbleed is one of the biggest and most publicized vulnerability of ...
27 July 2014
Delivering FinTP – behind the scenes
A short behind the scenes compilation from the shooting for “Del...
25 July 2014
Delivering FinTP
What 25 people of the Allevo team, members of the FINkers United, had ...
09 July 2014
FinTP on EBAday TV
In Helsinki, our CEO Corina Mihalache gave an interview for EBAday TV....

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